Weekly Motivation: Winning is a Habit

Weekly Motivation: Winning is a Habit –



It’s easy to sit down on my couch and watch 8 hours of House of Cards on Netflix rather than research leads for the upcoming work week. It’s easy to linger on social media rather than spend that time with my family and friends. It’s easy to sleep in rather than go for that morning workout and run. We’ve all been here, and we all understand it’s easy. But then the realization occurs. I have succumbed to a habit that is perpetually damaging. I’m not moving up in my career, I’m not spending enough time with family and friends, and I’m not in the shape for which I hope to be.

Telling myself that I will watch television now in lieu of the work report I have been putting off (after all, there is always time tomorrow to read the report!) is harmful. Tomorrow arrives, and the guilt sinks in. The crease on the report is not yet to broken, and the task begins to feel insurmountable. Given the new constraints because of the television binge of yesterday, I throw my hands up in the air and proclaim the world is out to get me as there is simply not enough time in the day. I have created a habit. A habit of mediocrity.

Do you want to be successful in your career? At home? In sports? Exchange mediocrity for a new habit. Exchange mediocrity for the habit of winning. Watch a famous sporting event where the players on both sides have exerted themselves to the fullest. Their days, months, weeks and years of training has culminated into the present game. Look at their faces at the conclusion of the match. They left everything they had on the field. Emotionally and physically, they are drained. What you are seeing is passion, work, and the need to win in action. Why isn’t this same passion, work ethic, and necessity to win what drives you daily?

Winning begins by turning the television off and putting in the effort to make the next productive day a reality. Putting everything I have into the next step so at the conclusion of day I am left standing with the same look as those professional athletes. Having placed all my passion, work ethic, and necessity to win into my day, I am left as a winner. That is a habit that breeds success. That is a habit that results in winning. That is a habit that changes the world.

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