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Zac Upchurch

Zac Upchurch
Founder of ZUpchurch

Zac Upchurch is a business builder, writer, and avid thrill seeker. Each year, Zac completes one thrill goal set by friends and family. To date, he has run with the bulls in Arizona (twice), completed Tough Mudder (twice), and skydived.

Zac started his career in politics working as the speechwriter for the Arizona Attorney General. From here, he was recruited into political consulting, where he was an integral part of city, state, and Congressional campaigns. His work in politics resulted in an award from the State of Arizona for Outstanding Service to the State. With this success, Zac moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 2013 to see how his experiences in running successful campaigns translated to the private sector. Here he led strategy and growth for a global corporation.

His success at that company led Zac to New York City where he is helping founders scale their businesses. Zac is most passionate about what makes people and companies successful, and is devoting his life to helping the two succeed together. Outside of work, Zac Upchurch is developing his own business and investing.

Founding of ZUpchurch:

Zac believes in creating content that leads with quality rather than quantity. Recognizing those who are the game changers in our world do not have the time to sift through laborious articles to arrive on one piece of insight, Zac created ZUpchurch. A site geared for the busy ones; the people who are changing the world.